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NRK Squad


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07.19.01 Get the newest Delta Force: Land Warrior multiplayer update
02.22.01 Wargamer announces Delta Force Land Warrior as Action Game of the Year
02.16.01 NovaLogic Announces First Commander-In-Chief
12.18.00 First General promoted in Delta Force Land Warrior on NovaWorld2!
12.01.00 Check out the new Technical Support FAQ for Delta Force Land Warrior
11.28.00 Get the New Delta Force Land Warrior Multiplayer Demo
11.21.00 Developers Notes / Update Explanation and information
11.17.00 Get the FREE Delta Force Land Warrior Screensaver at
11.15.00 New Delta Force Land Warrior Keyboard Template
11.08.00 Delta Force: Land Warrior Deploys - Cutting-Edge Special Forces Action Arrives in Stores
10.27.00 Delta Force: Land Warror Masters


New "Snakebite", "Pitbull" and "Gas Can" Character Bios Released


New "Mako" and "Longbow" Character Bios Released


Check out the 8 Page Preview on Gamespot


New Screenshots Added