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NRK Squad
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Squad              Battle                Score           No. of Players
*CA*               Match                 Won 1-2      3vs3
NL Snipers      Match                 Lost 2-0      3vs3
*CA*               Match                 Won 3-2      3vs2

Battles to come
Squad           Match Type        No.          Date           Time

Battle comments
*CA*  Good Squad gave it the're best beat us on first round then we got r s**t together and came back fighting to win 2-1.
Hope to do it again soon Careless good battle keep @ it and soon kick r arse lol :)  Players were Zombie, Cobra, Eagle

NL Snipers   Great Team well trained and organized, they kicked r butts lol first round we did not score 1 point second round we score a few points but not sure what the total score was as i had powercut :( I have asked for rematch and they have accepted :) ty NL. I am looking forward to it again as we r doing a lot of training on sniping :). players StraySniper, Cobra, Eagle.
O yeah ty Careless for letting us have StraySniper for the match, owe you one m8 :).

ReMatch with *CA* It was a 3vs2 on first round which was zombie and Eagle against 3 of *CA* and second round was 3vs2 which was Zombie and Cobra against 3 of *CA* we carried on after 2nd round which *CA* won 3rd round, and *CA* won 4th we won 5th round 3rd round was Eagle and Cobra against 2 of *CA* 4th round which was Eagle vs 2 of *CA*, *CA* Won  but Eagle got no.1 spot as u see by pic :) but he lost match lmao. 4th round was Zombie and Eagle which we won. Careless got no.1 spot on these rounds 1st,2nd,3rd, and 5th